Model Highlight: Emily Caillon-Chene


We at VENOR had the pleasure of speaking with model, philanthropist and newest representative for Kanati Clothing – Emily Caillon-Chene.

Caillon-Chene, whose past work includes gracing the cover of high fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar and being the face of Olay Skin Care, gave us the opportunity to learn more about her passion for life, philanthropy, and her experience working with VENOR photographer, Lee Kjos.


We’d love to hear about your involvement in philanthropy. What kind of passion projects do you have going on outside of your career in modeling? 

I am actively involved in an organization called Women for Women International, which is an organization that offers support to marginalized women in countries of war and conflict by providing a year-long program that teaches these women about their legal rights, health, nutrition, as well as the vocational skills they need to succeed independently. The organization has been around for nearly 25 years – it’s a very sustainable program and I have been supporting them for 10 years. Many of the women being supported by this program are from countries like Congo, Rwanda, Nigeria, as well as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Syria. So that has been my main focus for the last 10 years.


If and when you manage to get a day off from modeling and your extensive humanitarian work, what kind of activities are your go-to for fun?

I do a lot of yoga and actually, I love Kundalini Yoga. It’s based on a lot of breathing exercises, meditation, repetitive movements, and it’s used to align energy chakras. I love to do that and I love to walk. Looking at fashion and buying clothes. I have two young kids, as well, so I also like to just play with them.


Speaking of fashion, while shooting for Kanati you worked with artist and outdoor photographer, Lee Kjos. We’re curious what it was like to work with an outdoor photographer in a fashion shoot!

I actually really liked it because I thought he was a bit more open to use the elements of nature and anything that caught his eye as we were going. I do think that because he is an outdoor photographer that he understands the outdoor light very well, so mastering the light is important. He was just very organic and intuitive so it was very nice to work with them.


You mentioned that you are a mother of two. How do you feel being a mother has impacted your work?

I would say that motherhood gives you the full perspective and it gives you the real value of what life as to offer. I’m just so grateful for that.


Do you have any final words for our VENOR blog readers? 

Good luck to you and don’t give up on anything you’re dreaming of because life is pretty amazing!



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