VENOR and Today’s Trends

Today’s fashion trends are about layers and mixing the unexpected.  How often do you go to your closet and pick the same black or grey t-shirt and the same jacket, jeans & jewelry.  It’s comfortable.  It works.  You call it your style.  But really, you would love to try more.  To try the unexpected.   And once you do, your closet becomes a whole new jig saw puzzle of mix and match.

Below are a few examples of how we mixed VENOR for our latest photo shoot.

  1. Try a fur vest UNDER a sweatshirt.
  2. Graphic T’s are popular but layers make them better… T, Sweatshirt, jacket all in one.
  3. Great Jackets of texture – leather, boucle, or even a polished blazer and then throw in the unexpected – a ripped t-shirt.   Make your own, or check back here for our new T-shirt line… coming soon!
  4. And our vest… It was amazing over a t-shirt dress with booties.  And for the layer, a short denim jacket between.  Missing your favorite jean jacket in this warm summer weather, don’t hesitate to take off the sleeves… next fall is sure to bring another favorite.

Challenge yourself.  Challenge your closet.  And show us what you create!…. tag us on instagram at #venorlife!  We look forward to seeing what you create!